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Yogurt With An Attitude


Our flavors will be rotated periodically and we will include special flavors to reflect the different seasons and holidays throughout the year. Some flavors will be rotated out every week. Other flavors will stay around for awhile, depending on popularity. The way the flavors are setup is that two flavors will be paired together and the lever in the middle will allow you to twist the two flavors. Below is a listing of flavors that we will be offering from time to time. They will fall into one of 6 categories: Nonfat, Nonfat Tarts, Nonfat, No Sugar Added, Low Fat & Reduced Fat, Seasonal, and Sorbets.  Please call the store to check out the current flavor list 864-380-6606.


We also carry gelato from time to time as well as shaved ice all year long. 

Come check out our smoothies and frozen coffees! 


Nonfat Yogurts

Birthday Cake
Blueberry Tart
Chocolate Mint
Dreamy Dark Chocolate
Lemon Ice Box Pie
Olde Fashion Candy Cake
Peach Medley
Pomegranate Energy
Sugar Creek – Plain Base
Tahitian Vanilla
Vanilla Bean

Nonfat Tart Yogurts

All Natural Classic Tart
Blueberry Tart
California Tart
Italian Style Tart
Pomegranate Energy

Nonfat, No Sugar Added Yogurts

Tahitian Vanilla
Wild Strawberry

Low Fat & Reduced Fat Yogurts

Cookies ’N Cream
Egg Nog
French Vanilla
Old Fashioned Peanut Butter
Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Bun
Pumpkin Pie
Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel
Spiced Apple Pie
Strawberry Sensations
Triple Chocolate
White Chocolate Mousse


Mango Sorbet Pink Lemonade Sorbet
Tropical Sorbet
Valencia Orange Sorbet
Watermelon Sorbet

Seasonal Flavors

Egg Nog
Olde Fashion Candy Cane
Pumpkin Pie
Spiced Apple Pie



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